Funny Moments

Reva has now started watching TV. Earlier she loves to watch Sesame Street on laptop and her favorite songs is:

She could watch this video any number of times.  But TV make things lot more easier for us, now we don’t have to protect laptop from her and watching video take both of our time. Now TV is on and baby has freedom to watch TV or play and I am quite free. Past two days, she started following some of the programs and I caught her smiling and giggling and watching the program with full concentration.

Playing & Watching

she loves to watch colors

Yesterday I had time of my laugh listening to kiddo. We were watching  Children’s channel. Thanks to BBC for having very sweet channel just for toddlers. Even I love to watch some of its program. So we were watching one of the bedtime program. It has characters with funny names like – “Makka-Pakka”, “Igglepiggle”, “Tomliboos”. Each day program is based on one characters and yesterday it was turn of “Tomliboos”. They repeat names in almost every line, like Tomliboos saw a ball, Tomliboos are playing football and so on. Suddenly Reva said Tomliboos!! and started giggling. It was a pleasant surprise :). Also she says Bye when she listen it in the program.

Further in the day, I was feeding Reva her lunch meal and she was not at all in the mood of having it. After taking couple of spoons she zipped her mouth tightly. So I put her leftover on her eating table’s tray to let her feels the texture of the food. I saw in TV and some nurseries that they let toddlers to get messy which gives them idea of how the food feels. And here are some snaps of baby getting messy:

Messiness begins

Some in mouth

Lets feel it on hands

Lets feel it on feet

I think I can afford messiness only once in a week because it was quite a mess which was ended up in bathing the baby and lots of cleaning for me.



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