Lazy Sunday

Sunday Baking:

Fruity Flapjacks

Flapjacks is a tray bake (or bar cookie) made from rolled oats, fat (typically butter), brown sugar and usually Golden syrup or honey. Somewhat like cereal bars. I tried some on yesterday and they came out very nicely. Recipe was so simple. All you need is: Oats (in India they come in Quaker Oats), 2T honey, butter, vegetable oil and your choice of dried fruits (I used dried berries mix, apricots and some raisins) and they baked it 20 minutes. Easy eh ? Very nutritious. You can bake it and keep it in office drawers as I bake them for Vishal so he have something to munch upon in office. Bake them for unusual munctimes. I am going to bake them more for me and Reva.  Speaking of Reva’s eating, she does not enjoy her meal at all but she loves ours. She is always full when we feed her with cereals or any health meal specially cook for her but she never refuses to eat what we are having. I think these flapjacks works for both of us.

When the weather on Sunday is cold then it is lazy Sunday for us. Vishal’s Monday blues hits on Sundays, he likes to get lazy and cozy in couch watching TV and tea with any number of serving. So I try to bake things on Sunday. Yesterday I made blueberry pancakes for brunch and they turned out super delicious. Then in evening these flapjacks. We were so hungry in morning that I forgot to take pictures of pancakes but next time for sure.

We bought new TV past week 🙂 It was were our dream one, specially for Vishal. He was craving for LCD TV, I don’t know – for ages.

TV and stand was ordered from Amazon, and as we all know it was all packed and setting up TV was a DIY project. The installation was all done by Vishal and I look after our little one who was all crazy to see big boxes, thermocols, polythenes, metal pieces and her favorite nuts and bolts.

TV ready to intall on stand

Our new TV

We are proud owner of 42″ LCD TV 🙂

At last about my knitting projects. I knitted Reva’s cap a few weeks ago. It was square hat with each pompom on corners, it was super cute hat and we lost it :(( Will make another one in coming weeks. Do you remember about the hooded jacket I was going to make for Reva, its done.

Hooded jacket

Baby wearing jacket

It was my first knitting sweater project ever and I think it came out well. A little boo-boo here and there but overall I am pleased with the outcome.

My second project was a shrug for me but it was frogged, pattern was not correct for plus size. I am working on another cardigan with same yarn but it is on hold. I don’t know whats going on, I am desperate to wear my own cardigan but just not happening.[sigh]

See you soon..Take Care.


2 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday

  1. Richa Post author

    Hey Thanks Magali for stopping by. I am really sorry for not reading and commenting on your blog, just get enough time to update mine :(( Gimme sometime and I’ll be there and on everyone’s blog.
    Take Care, Cheers.


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