Hello !!

Hello blog and hello to everyone. Blogging after 25 days.  I brought flowers for you all –

Flowers for you

These days I keep flowers on the dining table all the time as much as possible, gives me freshness.

Past days were quite hectic for me. Reva took half the credit and half goes to me.  But before I tell you more about our credits I want to tell you what we did and had past couple of weeks.


Someone turned 1-year-old on 27th August 🙂 Yeah we celebrated Reva’s 1st B’Day. My baby has now graduated to a toddler and O boy she is so ultra active these days. We three were together and I was missing our families but frankly speaking I don’t like to have party chaos on Reva’s first B’day. I always wish to have a quite celebration, with only family around.  You see it took away the centre of atttraction from baby to guest. So as we planned we celebrated a quite b’day with homely touch 🙂


Reva is getting bigger and smarter day by day. Did I tell you that she speaks Bye and Mummy clearly 🙂 Yeah !!

Did I tell you she is getting naughtier day by day –

Her favorite corner

She loves to sneak on the corners and play with cables and shake the lamps.

Checking if someone is watching her or not

The reason why I was not able to write is that she loves the laptop. She likes to bang on keyboard as if she is typing, you know she is a big copy cat. We already missing key ‘S’ and before she banged all the keys we are trying to save our laptop as much as possible. We are thinking to buy monitor and wireless keyboard mouse to set it at a desktop but I think we are too lazy for that. Who wants to go to different room and browse when one can browse on couch and watch the baby 😉 But seriously past days was quite frustrating for me. Reva kept me so busy that I sometimes get irritated. I guess this is the part of motherhood process. I miss friends to share things and speaking heart out like I used to do before. I wish to have some friends who are on same stage as I am… I miss friends badly.

Reva’s B’Day fell on long weekend so we got a chance to see the London city. We went to see London Eye and High Street. We also got a chance to take a boat cruise on River Thames near the London Eye.

The Palace of Westminster

Big Ben is the nickname for the great bell of the clock at the north end of the Palace of Westminster in London. Interesting isn’t it ?

Big Ben

London Eye

London Eye

I thought its a ride but it wasn’t. It took 30 mins to complete the round. It was very beautiful view from the top.

London upon Thames

Trip was fun. Weather in England is quite unpredictable. Its rainy, cold, breezy, warmer in one week. That’s it for this post and I hope to write more in coming days. Oh one thing, have seen Udaan ?? Have u listen its songs ?? O I love the movie and its songs are brilliant. Listen one of the song from Udaan –

Njoy and Take Care.


4 thoughts on “Hello !!

  1. Prashant


    nice post……….

    well i clearly remember we playing together and now its the kids we watch…….. doing same things as we had done ( I guess, however most of us think that we were not that naughty….. but……well everybody thinks the same).

    All i can say is that time flies……….. and here i see my grandchild ( I m not that old……Richu I m feeling old 😦 …….) playing and running and testing the patience of her mom……… but the best part about the time is that it leaves memories behind……….. memories we cherish for the rest of our lives……

    May u have many such memories to cherish…………….

    give my love to kiddo…… she is just too cute…….


    1. Richa Post author

      Thanks a ton Cha for writing in 🙂
      Yeah I remember our good old days (Meerut visit, papa always comparing our scores, your ‘frequent’ visits to bhopal.. boy I will never forgot those days) and here I am with my little one wearing my Mom’s shoes 🙂 Certainly time has wings.
      Keep reading.
      Take Care

  2. Pradnya

    Hope you had a great time on Reva’s B’day & seeing London’s attractions…Glad, you are back online.
    I can’t buy your excuse that- the lil innocent girl in the corner didn’t let you blog!

    1. Richa Post author

      Hey Prads,
      You would know about all the excuses when you will be wearing my shoes, till then I am happy to lose 🙂
      Hope you are doing fine.
      Take Care, Cheers.


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