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Weekday Baking – Banana Bread

I know I am writing the post on Saturday about the weekday baking but what to do, I got the time today. So, I baked Banana bread on Wednesday for Reva. I now cook or bake anything keeping in mind of Reva because she likes to eat with us and I hate when she left alone when we eat together. The recipe of banana bread is butter free and good for kids and adult too. I baked it and guess what, Reva loved it so much that she ate whole loaf of the bread. I am not a fan of banana but I liked the bread too. So recipe goes like this:

The Ingredients

I used:

2 Eggs

225gms self rasing four

4T vegetable oil

2t baking powder

2 Ripe Bananas

2t Vanilla Essence

100gms Sugar

First mash the bananas in a bow. I used fork to mash them.

Mash the bananas

Then add oil into the bananas

Add oil

The add eggs and mix the mixture well

then goes the Eggs

To make it more interesting I add raisins, next time I am going to add chopped walnuts to give a light crunch.

add Raisins if you want

Ideally you first mix the dry ingredients separate and mix them in the wet ingredient bowl slowly to avoid any lumps but i just dumped all the dry ingredients one by one and slowly in the wet bowl.

Now add dry ingredients - add the baking powder in flour first and then add to the mixture

When the mixture is ready it will look like this

add vanila essence and the mixture is ready to go in baking dish

pour the mixture in oiled loaf tin

Put it the baking tray into a pre-heated oven at 180ºC  for 30–40 minutes.


We are so ready to eat it

baby is ready to take a bite

Franky it took me just 10 mins to make the batter and bread was ready in 35 minutes. Hope you will try this easy peasy and tasty bread for snacks.

Take Care, Cheers.


Funny Moments

Reva has now started watching TV. Earlier she loves to watch Sesame Street on laptop and her favorite songs is:

She could watch this video any number of times.  But TV make things lot more easier for us, now we don’t have to protect laptop from her and watching video take both of our time. Now TV is on and baby has freedom to watch TV or play and I am quite free. Past two days, she started following some of the programs and I caught her smiling and giggling and watching the program with full concentration.

Playing & Watching

she loves to watch colors

Yesterday I had time of my laugh listening to kiddo. We were watching  Children’s channel. Thanks to BBC for having very sweet channel just for toddlers. Even I love to watch some of its program. So we were watching one of the bedtime program. It has characters with funny names like – “Makka-Pakka”, “Igglepiggle”, “Tomliboos”. Each day program is based on one characters and yesterday it was turn of “Tomliboos”. They repeat names in almost every line, like Tomliboos saw a ball, Tomliboos are playing football and so on. Suddenly Reva said Tomliboos!! and started giggling. It was a pleasant surprise :). Also she says Bye when she listen it in the program.

Further in the day, I was feeding Reva her lunch meal and she was not at all in the mood of having it. After taking couple of spoons she zipped her mouth tightly. So I put her leftover on her eating table’s tray to let her feels the texture of the food. I saw in TV and some nurseries that they let toddlers to get messy which gives them idea of how the food feels. And here are some snaps of baby getting messy:

Messiness begins

Some in mouth

Lets feel it on hands

Lets feel it on feet

I think I can afford messiness only once in a week because it was quite a mess which was ended up in bathing the baby and lots of cleaning for me.


Lazy Sunday

Sunday Baking:

Fruity Flapjacks

Flapjacks is a tray bake (or bar cookie) made from rolled oats, fat (typically butter), brown sugar and usually Golden syrup or honey. Somewhat like cereal bars. I tried some on yesterday and they came out very nicely. Recipe was so simple. All you need is: Oats (in India they come in Quaker Oats), 2T honey, butter, vegetable oil and your choice of dried fruits (I used dried berries mix, apricots and some raisins) and they baked it 20 minutes. Easy eh ? Very nutritious. You can bake it and keep it in office drawers as I bake them for Vishal so he have something to munch upon in office. Bake them for unusual munctimes. I am going to bake them more for me and Reva.  Speaking of Reva’s eating, she does not enjoy her meal at all but she loves ours. She is always full when we feed her with cereals or any health meal specially cook for her but she never refuses to eat what we are having. I think these flapjacks works for both of us.

When the weather on Sunday is cold then it is lazy Sunday for us. Vishal’s Monday blues hits on Sundays, he likes to get lazy and cozy in couch watching TV and tea with any number of serving. So I try to bake things on Sunday. Yesterday I made blueberry pancakes for brunch and they turned out super delicious. Then in evening these flapjacks. We were so hungry in morning that I forgot to take pictures of pancakes but next time for sure.

We bought new TV past week 🙂 It was were our dream one, specially for Vishal. He was craving for LCD TV, I don’t know – for ages.

TV and stand was ordered from Amazon, and as we all know it was all packed and setting up TV was a DIY project. The installation was all done by Vishal and I look after our little one who was all crazy to see big boxes, thermocols, polythenes, metal pieces and her favorite nuts and bolts.

TV ready to intall on stand

Our new TV

We are proud owner of 42″ LCD TV 🙂

At last about my knitting projects. I knitted Reva’s cap a few weeks ago. It was square hat with each pompom on corners, it was super cute hat and we lost it :(( Will make another one in coming weeks. Do you remember about the hooded jacket I was going to make for Reva, its done.

Hooded jacket

Baby wearing jacket

It was my first knitting sweater project ever and I think it came out well. A little boo-boo here and there but overall I am pleased with the outcome.

My second project was a shrug for me but it was frogged, pattern was not correct for plus size. I am working on another cardigan with same yarn but it is on hold. I don’t know whats going on, I am desperate to wear my own cardigan but just not happening.[sigh]

See you soon..Take Care.

Hello !!

Hello blog and hello to everyone. Blogging after 25 days.  I brought flowers for you all –

Flowers for you

These days I keep flowers on the dining table all the time as much as possible, gives me freshness.

Past days were quite hectic for me. Reva took half the credit and half goes to me.  But before I tell you more about our credits I want to tell you what we did and had past couple of weeks.


Someone turned 1-year-old on 27th August 🙂 Yeah we celebrated Reva’s 1st B’Day. My baby has now graduated to a toddler and O boy she is so ultra active these days. We three were together and I was missing our families but frankly speaking I don’t like to have party chaos on Reva’s first B’day. I always wish to have a quite celebration, with only family around.  You see it took away the centre of atttraction from baby to guest. So as we planned we celebrated a quite b’day with homely touch 🙂


Reva is getting bigger and smarter day by day. Did I tell you that she speaks Bye and Mummy clearly 🙂 Yeah !!

Did I tell you she is getting naughtier day by day –

Her favorite corner

She loves to sneak on the corners and play with cables and shake the lamps.

Checking if someone is watching her or not

The reason why I was not able to write is that she loves the laptop. She likes to bang on keyboard as if she is typing, you know she is a big copy cat. We already missing key ‘S’ and before she banged all the keys we are trying to save our laptop as much as possible. We are thinking to buy monitor and wireless keyboard mouse to set it at a desktop but I think we are too lazy for that. Who wants to go to different room and browse when one can browse on couch and watch the baby 😉 But seriously past days was quite frustrating for me. Reva kept me so busy that I sometimes get irritated. I guess this is the part of motherhood process. I miss friends to share things and speaking heart out like I used to do before. I wish to have some friends who are on same stage as I am… I miss friends badly.

Reva’s B’Day fell on long weekend so we got a chance to see the London city. We went to see London Eye and High Street. We also got a chance to take a boat cruise on River Thames near the London Eye.

The Palace of Westminster

Big Ben is the nickname for the great bell of the clock at the north end of the Palace of Westminster in London. Interesting isn’t it ?

Big Ben

London Eye

London Eye

I thought its a ride but it wasn’t. It took 30 mins to complete the round. It was very beautiful view from the top.

London upon Thames

Trip was fun. Weather in England is quite unpredictable. Its rainy, cold, breezy, warmer in one week. That’s it for this post and I hope to write more in coming days. Oh one thing, have seen Udaan ?? Have u listen its songs ?? O I love the movie and its songs are brilliant. Listen one of the song from Udaan –

Njoy and Take Care.