~Three Things~

Three things I love these days :

Three Things

A hot cup of tea in morning, book Julie & Julia and my new knitting project.

Let me tell you about my hot cup of tea:

my hot cuppa tea

I love to have a good cup of tea in the morning.  I am not a tea addict and only drink tea in cold, rainy, cozy, wintry day. In London  it seems like every day is almost rainy, cold, cozy and chilly so I get a cup of tea every morning.  I like only ginger tea even if I am having tea in summer but the tea should have crushed ginger in it and should be HOT.  These days Vishal make tea for us in the morning and it is absolute bliss. He really makes a good tea, everything is so perfect – milk, water, tea, ginger and most important sugar. We both are very particular about sugar, we avoid excess sugar in tea and Vishal knows the correct amount.  So getting up in the morning and having a cup of hot tea kick up my day.

After I don’t know how long I am reading a book. There is a library near to our place, one day me and Reva strolled there. I was looking the culinary section and found the book “Julie & Julia” on the shelf. I was tempted to pick it up. So I did and issued it for a read.

Julie & Julia

Book is interesting.  Based on different and inspiring topic. I like it so far except I don’t know how to read the name of french recipes and use of slang during cooking. I am looking forward to see the movie because I love both Meryl and Amy and eager to see how they have portrayed both the characters.

And the last is my new knitting project. I told you about my yarns and 50 stitches casting in the earlier post . Now those 50 stitches are turning into Bolero (also called shrug).

Cloud Bolero

I had very hard time starting it, I ripped it like 5 times and made it again from scratch. But now its coming up nicely. Pattern is little confusing in the beginning but once you made few rows then it makes sense. Pattern is from Ravelry link (Ravelry is a community of Knitters and Crocheters who share their work and patterns, you need an account to see that link glad I found Ravelry). Will post it about it once its done. Till then I enjoy my three things. Take Care.


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