A walk to nearby Park

Yesterday me and Reva went for a walk to same park we often go. We haven’t see the main area because it started after a long walk from the entrance gate. To reach the park is almost a km for me from my home so I could not go to the main entrance. Yesterday Reva was properly fed, changed and had a nice nap in afternoon so I took the chance. So we headed to the park –

Our walk begins

The Park is really big (I mean it). even a highway passes between the park. This is the main entrance –

The Park begins

Park Gate from inside

On the entrance there are big farm land on both sides. In one of the farm, horses were grazing.

Grazing Horses

Coming from India it is surprising to see grazing horses in such a big land. We have roaming and grazing animals all over country but they graze mostly in waste land, roads, our gardens, trees but a land for them is quite surprising. On this note I remember one ironical thing of our country is that we always yell to save our cows but we have done nothing for them. Being a country of cow worshipers we scream at beef eaters face and yet do nothing to save them and have left them just like that – helpless. They roam on streets or highways, at night they sit in between roads and get hit by vehicles, they graze on wastelands and die by eating plastic bags or any harmful chemicals, they have no place to spend nights or to graze. We have plenty of lands for constructing malls, water parks but no land for animals. Just want to ask to all so-called cow savers out there – are you saving animal’s life or you have leave them to die everyday ?

Enough ranting, coming back to the park. Reva was most delighted to see horses, her first meet with them –

A big Horsey

makes baby happy

And finally we entered into main park area and the first glance I got was marvelous –

A picture perfect view

Behind the tress is a big pond, habitat for swan, goose and my favorite Lotus  –

a picture perfect lake

beautiful Swan

lovely Lotus

carefree Geese

After some bird watching we move ahead to real Park area. Park has a spectacular mansion surrounded by gardens, park and farmland which was created in the late 18th century –

Ancient mansion in the park

Large picnic ground in front of the mansion –

Picnic Area

The most beautiful thing I found in the park is this tree –

this Tree attracted me most

I don’t know how but just looking at the tree gave me eternal happiness, I was imagining my family spending time under this tree and having some snacks. My kid(s) playing with dog and me ishal watching them from under this tree….

Reva also had a good time, she was so engrossed in watching other kids playing, screaming, riding their scooters…

serious observer

And then we turned back home because it was more than an hour and before baby gets cranky it was better to be on the way home.

heading back to home

Did you like roads all covered by trees ? I love it.

We had a nice and peaceful walk in the park and later I told Vishal about it. We have a plan to spend some time there like picnic but since then its raining in London and is heavily. Hope next weekend we have some sunshine so that we can enjoy our picnic. Till then enjoy the rains 🙂


6 thoughts on “A walk to nearby Park

  1. Mohan

    Seems to be an awesome place to keep one motivated to come for regular walks! Nice shots Richa.. i liked the one with the swans the most!


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