Its time to show my new Blanket

Finally my blanket is unpacked and its time to show it to you all. I am truly fond of this blanket, I love the colors, I love the stitch, I love everything about it.

The Blanket

Although the blanket was finished in March but then I had gone to India without Camera so couldn’t take it pictures but now its with me 🙂

Blanket on bed

Because of weight constraint I was about to leave the blanket in San José but my mother did not want it to left behind so she decided to keep it with her in the journey and she did, all the way from San José to San Francisco to Dubai to Delhi and finally to Bhopal. Because of her it is with me, Thanks Mom for carrying it on your shoulder 🙂

Larksfoot Stitch

I used Larksfoot Stitch and Caron’s Simply Soft yarn.  I blogged about it when I started the blanket.  It is inspired by Sarah London’s Larksfoot afghan. Instead of width wise I made it length wise to avoid uneven edging. In this way I have attached fringes on width to make it more attractive which is also hiding the uneven edging.

Baby also loves it 🙂

The moment I started hooking the blanket she always was very happy to see it and today when I unpacked it she started playing with it.  It was really very tough for me to click single picture of the blanket. I am so happy 🙂


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