Online shopping bliss

Grocery shopping without car is hell. You spend your entire day on grocery shopping, take a bus ride which takes thrice of the time to reach to the store, you think twice whether it is worth carrying before you put the items in the cart. After all the calculations and choosing the bare minimum necessities you still left with almost 20 kg of grocery to carry.  Don’t forget the baby…

It always left me annoyed, so this time I decided to do online grocery shopping. It was fun to choose the item and add it to the virtual trolley sitting on the couch.  You can easily browse through the deals. You choose the delivery date by the cheapest shipping fare and you also get an option to amend or drop the items just before a day of shipping. It was really a good option because I am a very uncertain and forgetting shopper. I usually buy stuff which are unnecessary and forget the useful one. So I did the last-minute addition and deletion in the cart. And after a week the order was delivered to my door this morning. Tadaaa..

Grocery order delivered

Grocery was filled in 5-6 baskets and I just need to empty them. It was way more easy to carry them from store to home.

I ordered baby food:

Baby food

Dairy essentials:


Vegetables and Fruits. I ordered a bare minimum to see how the delivered them and it was nice to see that all items was fresh and clean.

Fresh fruits and vegetables

Frozen meals and deserts:

Frozen Meals


Cereals and Bread

And there was Baking and Cleaning supplies which forgot to click them and I cant do it again because I have placed them in shelves 😦 I can show you the receipt though –

Order Receipt

All items checked. I shopped from I find it reasonable to shop online because every item was priced by current day store price and the delivery charge was less than the bus fare. So I am quite happy with grocery shopping 🙂


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