Living in London

So far so good. I feel well acquainted in London except the accent problem. I sometimes left nodding my head or saying “yeah”, “okay” in most of the conversation, all I understand is ‘yeah’. I understand some of the accent but  you know as in India where we have different accent of Hindi at every mile, same is here in UK.  But I am learning and its fun in a way. At evening me and Vishal had a good time speaking about each others accent encounters – “Ello Gav’ner”

The place we are living is a very beautiful residential area. Vishal got it after a long and tiring quest. He was telling me the other day that he never seen such a beautiful residential area in London so far. Generally London is quite congested and dense. But not in our case. Near to our place is a beautiful Church and our balcony has a view of school playground.

School Playground from balcony

Church near to our apartment

Street View

The apartment inside is quite spacious and well planned. The best thing is that we get sunshine every hour. I like the floor very much, its safe for baby and so easy to clean. Every window in our apartment has a view. I often eat my breakfast or lunch standing near to window and enjoy the view.

Apartment inside

view from kitchen window

Apartment is well furnished. It has saved us from initial set-up hassle. Kitchen is almost furnished with all the necessary accessories.  Public Library and Transportation is very close to our apartment. I like the area very much, it feels nice to stroll around with baby.


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