A quick update for past month

My last post was on 9th July, and since then I am literally on my toes. Lots of happened in past (almost) month.  Every week was an array of incidents.  The week after 9th July was hectic with Reva, that week she was very fussy.  She lost her appetite and sleep. She denied to go to anyone except me.  It was quite challenging for me to carry her and to be with her all the time.  And in the mid-week Vishal informed us that he was coming after a week, indeed it was a very delightful news but getting reservation in trains so early was impossible (I had to go to my in-laws place first before leaving India). I could not take flight because of luggage limit. Things was very chaotic for 2 days, later my father arranged a contact for VIP quota. So I was quite relaxed and started to collect my belongings and made the finals lists of shopping. I wanted to sell my laptop in India. So about that I called up my Nanny’s place to ask whether my Mama was interested to buy the laptop. Unfortunately or fortunately Mama was not at home but we talked to everyone in-house especially Nanny who was eagerly waiting to see Reva. We told her that we were coming next week and she would get a chance to see her and her naughtiness (my Nanny’s house and my in-laws house are in same city). Nanny never missed a chance to give ashirwaad to anyone and that day too she showered all her blessings upon us.  Little did I know, those were her last words to us. Next morning we got a call from Mammy saying she passed away. She had a peaceful departure, she never woke up. She did not bother anyone. Quietly and softly she left us.  My nanny was a story perfect nanny very sweet, caring, lovable and a great story-teller. I remembered how she tell us story.  Always nagging to eat something, “Reecha aam kha le, Reecha tere liye samosa jalebi mangwaye hain, Reecha chat kha le… “. She was so particular about dressings. She never let anybody to go out without wearing proper dress. My MIL always says, “I never saw her improperly, she would prefer to run and change her saree rather coming in comfort cloths”. Her favorite color was Blue. Before coming to India I was telling Vishal to click picture of Nanny, Mummy, me and Reva, all wearing Blue.[sigh]. I am happy the way she is gone. She was 84 around and she had seen enough of old-age miseries.  I am feeling sorry for Nanna though, he lost his partner of all times, they were together for good 64 years.  I love you Nanny and I will tell Reva about you and your sweet stories.  You were the best Nanny and I never forgot you. Rest in Peace.

It happened on 17th of July. Mommy and Papa had to go and I can’t live alone with Reva. Papa arranged reservation tickets for all of us for the same day (God Bless that uncle who helped us) and we reached city next day. After attending the last ritual I went to my in-laws place.  Weather was okay, not so cloudy. But in the night it started raining and it rained as if it never happened. Continuously for 2 hours and heavily. Result – every street and home was flooded with water around our locality. Water level was almost a foot in home and outside it was almost knee. It was horrible.  I can’t explain how I spent a whole day on bed with a baby.

For Reva it was a sudden change, new home, new people. She was more fussy and she never left me for a single moment. After counting and spending 5 days Vishal came (I tell you those were the longest 5 days I ever spent). I was so delighted to see him after 4 months and so was Reva.  As if she found her lost friend, although she was reluctant to be with him but she was happy to see him.  The other day guests started to come our home to meet us. MIL arranged pooja next day and it was blessed with heavy rains again. This time water just touched our floor. 4 days passed in meeting guests , packing, quick trips to Nanny’s place. And on 30th July we flew to London.  I am happy that we are together again. It’s a  new country, new city for us. I am praying for our happiness and health. What I learn from past days is Time is very unpredictable, sometimes you lose someone dear to your heart and sometimes you meet someone dear to your heart. You never know and you will never ever know. So just breathe.

Song: Just Breathe

Sung By: Pearl Jam


3 thoughts on “A quick update for past month

  1. kriti

    Girl quite a long update i wish u would have posted similar one when u were in india 🙂 we could hav met
    though reva will just be catching good memoirs from here …
    Sorry abt nani ji she will be a blessed soul for sure…
    nw u take care of reva as again a set of changes for her will be a set of chaos
    keep posting 🙂

  2. Richa Post author

    Hi Kriti,
    Thanks for reading. yeah Reva has a good collection of memories back at home (I think ;)). To my wonder she is quite liking the new place (now chaotic for me :P).
    Keep commenting, its inspiring.



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