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An evening

My evening on August 19th:




~Three Things~

Three things I love these days :

Three Things

A hot cup of tea in morning, book Julie & Julia and my new knitting project.

Let me tell you about my hot cup of tea:

my hot cuppa tea

I love to have a good cup of tea in the morning.  I am not a tea addict and only drink tea in cold, rainy, cozy, wintry day. In London  it seems like every day is almost rainy, cold, cozy and chilly so I get a cup of tea every morning.  I like only ginger tea even if I am having tea in summer but the tea should have crushed ginger in it and should be HOT.  These days Vishal make tea for us in the morning and it is absolute bliss. He really makes a good tea, everything is so perfect – milk, water, tea, ginger and most important sugar. We both are very particular about sugar, we avoid excess sugar in tea and Vishal knows the correct amount.  So getting up in the morning and having a cup of hot tea kick up my day.

After I don’t know how long I am reading a book. There is a library near to our place, one day me and Reva strolled there. I was looking the culinary section and found the book “Julie & Julia” on the shelf. I was tempted to pick it up. So I did and issued it for a read.

Julie & Julia

Book is interesting.  Based on different and inspiring topic. I like it so far except I don’t know how to read the name of french recipes and use of slang during cooking. I am looking forward to see the movie because I love both Meryl and Amy and eager to see how they have portrayed both the characters.

And the last is my new knitting project. I told you about my yarns and 50 stitches casting in the earlier post . Now those 50 stitches are turning into Bolero (also called shrug).

Cloud Bolero

I had very hard time starting it, I ripped it like 5 times and made it again from scratch. But now its coming up nicely. Pattern is little confusing in the beginning but once you made few rows then it makes sense. Pattern is from Ravelry link (Ravelry is a community of Knitters and Crocheters who share their work and patterns, you need an account to see that link glad I found Ravelry). Will post it about it once its done. Till then I enjoy my three things. Take Care.

Dilema of a Mother

I am in utter confusion these days. Should I choose my career and keep my daughter in daycare. I am not able to decide what to do. It has been 3 years quitting my job and I am getting desperate to join one. But idea of leaving my baby in daycare also scares me. I am thinking of every aspect, every pros and cons but all becomes even in the end for me.

In past year I took care of Reva upon me. I have totally forget myself over her. Being our first child and that too was handed over us a month later made us quite protective parents and me the most obsessive mother.  But things has changed in past couple of months when she became crawler and solid eater. Being away with daddy and constantly surrounded by strangers I think for her I was the only common link. Now when she is moving to toddler-hood and my job is now only to feed her, change her, clean her and to watch her where she is heading next left me frustrated.

Days with Reva are quite hectic. She always hang around on me, she only play when I am sitting next to her doing nothing, she would not let me cook and will roam around my foot or stand on my support and cry for me, she is on to me whole day. When Vishal comes from office she spends some time with him but later she search for me. I wait for her naps to do some household chores if possible, to eat Maggie and later some browsing, blogging, knitting or reading.

She is a very smart girl and can sense the feeling very well. When I am happy she knows it  and giggles around like a squirrel. When I am frustrated she would know and wants me to hold her.  Being around with her is a bliss, watching her tricks to pass the table to get the laptop cable or making faces to see her reflection in the mirror is really cute. She enjoy walks and to travel. Whenever we are in public places nobody can pass her by without smiling to her. If someone is not smiling or noticing her she will make him/her. The other day we were in tube train and one boy was on the phone in front of her. He was watching her but didn’t smile. She started babbling to him like “can’t you see I am here” and later her voice become heavier like she was threatening him. Everybody around was smiling and enjoying the scene. The boy got embarrassed and moved away. How can I leave my little angel to some strangers.

Vishal is a big support to me, he wants me to do something. Well moving from USA to UK was because of me. My visa status has restriction in USA but here in London I can do anything I want to but I am not able to take decisions. He already warning me that hanging of Reva on me is too much and is not a good sign. I am also afraid that spending all the time with my baby and getting frustrated almost all the time would lead me to more anger and frustration. I will lose the charm of raising a beautiful daughter.  I want her to mingle with other babies and to play with them.  I also wants to go out and make friends in the city. I have no one around to chit-chat. Sometimes I feel I am not doing justice to my career and to my education. After all the hard work I have done in the past to build my career now its going in drain. It’s a matter of couple of years and when Reva will off to school then how a I going to spend my time. I don’t want to be like my mother or mother-in-law who spent their entire life raising their children and family and now when we are away then its hard for them kill the time.  I don’t want to be dependent on my children for happiness.

Will I be a selfish mother if I opt my career and keep Reva in day care ?

A walk to nearby Park

Yesterday me and Reva went for a walk to same park we often go. We haven’t see the main area because it started after a long walk from the entrance gate. To reach the park is almost a km for me from my home so I could not go to the main entrance. Yesterday Reva was properly fed, changed and had a nice nap in afternoon so I took the chance. So we headed to the park –

Our walk begins

The Park is really big (I mean it). even a highway passes between the park. This is the main entrance –

The Park begins

Park Gate from inside

On the entrance there are big farm land on both sides. In one of the farm, horses were grazing.

Grazing Horses

Coming from India it is surprising to see grazing horses in such a big land. We have roaming and grazing animals all over country but they graze mostly in waste land, roads, our gardens, trees but a land for them is quite surprising. On this note I remember one ironical thing of our country is that we always yell to save our cows but we have done nothing for them. Being a country of cow worshipers we scream at beef eaters face and yet do nothing to save them and have left them just like that – helpless. They roam on streets or highways, at night they sit in between roads and get hit by vehicles, they graze on wastelands and die by eating plastic bags or any harmful chemicals, they have no place to spend nights or to graze. We have plenty of lands for constructing malls, water parks but no land for animals. Just want to ask to all so-called cow savers out there – are you saving animal’s life or you have leave them to die everyday ?

Enough ranting, coming back to the park. Reva was most delighted to see horses, her first meet with them –

A big Horsey

makes baby happy

And finally we entered into main park area and the first glance I got was marvelous –

A picture perfect view

Behind the tress is a big pond, habitat for swan, goose and my favorite Lotus  –

a picture perfect lake

beautiful Swan

lovely Lotus

carefree Geese

After some bird watching we move ahead to real Park area. Park has a spectacular mansion surrounded by gardens, park and farmland which was created in the late 18th century –

Ancient mansion in the park

Large picnic ground in front of the mansion –

Picnic Area

The most beautiful thing I found in the park is this tree –

this Tree attracted me most

I don’t know how but just looking at the tree gave me eternal happiness, I was imagining my family spending time under this tree and having some snacks. My kid(s) playing with dog and me ishal watching them from under this tree….

Reva also had a good time, she was so engrossed in watching other kids playing, screaming, riding their scooters…

serious observer

And then we turned back home because it was more than an hour and before baby gets cranky it was better to be on the way home.

heading back to home

Did you like roads all covered by trees ? I love it.

We had a nice and peaceful walk in the park and later I told Vishal about it. We have a plan to spend some time there like picnic but since then its raining in London and is heavily. Hope next weekend we have some sunshine so that we can enjoy our picnic. Till then enjoy the rains 🙂

My mail has arrived

This morning my mail was special, really very special. I ordered one catalog on garden past week and yesterday I bought some yarns online. Hurray !! they all here. I ordered yarns for myself and Reva, this time my project is to knit, a change from crochet. My plan is to knit one hooded jacket for Reva and for me it will be bolero and a cardigan. I was worried about the yarn quality because I ordered the cheapest one but they had beat the price. Look, isn’t they beautiful..


I already started the project by casting on 50 stitches 🙂

50 stitches are casted on for Bolero

The next my free catalog for gardening. I ordered it from Sarah Raven’s website (you can visit the link from my webroll).

Garden catalogs from Sarah Raven's website

It took my breath away when I opened the catalog…

Autumn colors

There are so many beautiful pictures of blooming flowers and plants in the catalog.

Snowdrops in the garden

There are beautiful Narcissi collection..


And there are tulips, one of my favorite flowers.

Blooming Tulips

I didn’t know they are of so many kinds…

more Tulips

and I didn’t there are so many beautiful flowers in the world which you can grow in your garden…


I am drooling for them, I want to have my garden now with all these flowers blooming. [sigh]

For now I enjoy this beautiful catalog and start planning to how to plant first pot in my balcony (you know in India you can get soil anywhere but here you have to buy it :(, why why why !!!)

Sarah Raven

Thanks Sarah for inspiring me and thanks to my mailman who delivered yarns and catalog to me and thanks to everybody 🙂

Thanks to you as well for reading my post.

Its time to show my new Blanket

Finally my blanket is unpacked and its time to show it to you all. I am truly fond of this blanket, I love the colors, I love the stitch, I love everything about it.

The Blanket

Although the blanket was finished in March but then I had gone to India without Camera so couldn’t take it pictures but now its with me 🙂

Blanket on bed

Because of weight constraint I was about to leave the blanket in San José but my mother did not want it to left behind so she decided to keep it with her in the journey and she did, all the way from San José to San Francisco to Dubai to Delhi and finally to Bhopal. Because of her it is with me, Thanks Mom for carrying it on your shoulder 🙂

Larksfoot Stitch

I used Larksfoot Stitch and Caron’s Simply Soft yarn.  I blogged about it when I started the blanket.  It is inspired by Sarah London’s Larksfoot afghan. Instead of width wise I made it length wise to avoid uneven edging. In this way I have attached fringes on width to make it more attractive which is also hiding the uneven edging.

Baby also loves it 🙂

The moment I started hooking the blanket she always was very happy to see it and today when I unpacked it she started playing with it.  It was really very tough for me to click single picture of the blanket. I am so happy 🙂

Online shopping bliss

Grocery shopping without car is hell. You spend your entire day on grocery shopping, take a bus ride which takes thrice of the time to reach to the store, you think twice whether it is worth carrying before you put the items in the cart. After all the calculations and choosing the bare minimum necessities you still left with almost 20 kg of grocery to carry.  Don’t forget the baby…

It always left me annoyed, so this time I decided to do online grocery shopping. It was fun to choose the item and add it to the virtual trolley sitting on the couch.  You can easily browse through the deals. You choose the delivery date by the cheapest shipping fare and you also get an option to amend or drop the items just before a day of shipping. It was really a good option because I am a very uncertain and forgetting shopper. I usually buy stuff which are unnecessary and forget the useful one. So I did the last-minute addition and deletion in the cart. And after a week the order was delivered to my door this morning. Tadaaa..

Grocery order delivered

Grocery was filled in 5-6 baskets and I just need to empty them. It was way more easy to carry them from store to home.

I ordered baby food:

Baby food

Dairy essentials:


Vegetables and Fruits. I ordered a bare minimum to see how the delivered them and it was nice to see that all items was fresh and clean.

Fresh fruits and vegetables

Frozen meals and deserts:

Frozen Meals


Cereals and Bread

And there was Baking and Cleaning supplies which forgot to click them and I cant do it again because I have placed them in shelves 😦 I can show you the receipt though –

Order Receipt

All items checked. I shopped from I find it reasonable to shop online because every item was priced by current day store price and the delivery charge was less than the bus fare. So I am quite happy with grocery shopping 🙂