Wishing my dear Husband a Very Happy Birthday !!

Dear husband,

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday !!

This is your first birthday as a father but unfortunately we are not together. Hey, I am not going to say any sad thing to make you more nostalgic.  You are there because for us, to make things better for the family. It’s just matter of few weeks and we will be together once again.

Being alone I stumble upon many beautiful memories of ours. How we met,  our first date, our first car in India and USA [we got them both on same day only year apart], our move to USA, how we managed to go for driving written test, our trips – the most thrilling was LA trip [do you remember that house of terror walk] and not to forget the bestest trip ever – Mr. S trip [our roller coaster ride, the famous M spot and the long drive with most slowest songs we ever listened like “sach mere yaar hai” 😛] , searching craigslist for almost everything for home, the day we came to know that we were pregnant and those 10 days we spent in hospitals, u holding my hand in OT, how you helped and support me through everything, I swear to God that you never gave me a single chance to miss the family, the hardest  30 days ever when our princess was in NICU, I was awestruck when I first see her in your arms, how you share and learn everything – feeding, bathing, changing diaper, maalish even 🙂 [you are the first man I ever saw who share and support her wife in raising baby] and finally some fights. [smile]

Because of you I have a such a beautiful life and I want to live more with you.

Because of you I am a proud mother.

You are so unique and beautiful from the heart.

You are my best friend, encourager, supporter, to whom I can share anything and anytime.

You are my soul mate.

You are all I have.

Happy Birthday dear husband.

I Love You.

PS: You are birthday cake is on me 🙂


2 thoughts on “Wishing my dear Husband a Very Happy Birthday !!

  1. Shuchi

    Vry sweet post…. n for me it is the best distant B’day gift I have ever seen….. :))



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