South Lake Tahoe – A drive down memory lane

Nowadays I am not feeling good. There is lot going inside me to say and to share but feeling all alone. Raising baby needs lots of patience and when you are not feeling energetic and good about yourself, you lose patience very easily.  I can’t afford to lose patience so this morning when I as doing my quick mails check and accidentally opened my Picasa album. There are many folders in my account – mostly of those places we visit in California. I opened Lake Tahoe folder and suddenly I was down the memory lane.

It was year 2008 and same month June. Our first long trip by our first car in USA. We were scared about the driving part. Driving in USA was not as easy as it is in India (we actually don’t drive in India we mostly dodge).  In this trip, Vishal was on steering and I was the navigator. Why navigator ? because we did not have GPS at that time, we took the printouts of the routes from google maps and my responsibility was to guide Vishal by reading them.

It was a weekend trip, only one night stay in Tahoe which was way short trip. We didn’t care as we were dying to see the place.  So early morning of Saturday we headed to South Lake Tahoe, California.

It was 6 hrs drive.  We checked in the motel, get fresh, eat something and took the stroll in the city near the lake.  After walking few meters we saw a cycle store and I got tempted to rent a bike for cycling. Excitedly I asked Vishal and he said Okay, let’s do it.  The owner of the store gave us helmets and map along with the cycles. I guess we rented it for hourly basis.

Please don't laugh - Its me on bicycle. Stopping by to see the view.

After a short trip on bike we took our car and headed towards the lake.  It was a marvelous evening, and sun was about to set. To my surprise the spot we chose to see the lake was similar to beach shore.  Lake was looking very beautiful.

Lake Tahoe Beach

Few here and there clouds, lights scattering from clouds and mountains and still water, isn’t it breathtaking view ?

Water was so clear and chilling.

Even water has a view in Lake Tahoe

I told you sweetheart, water is cold!

A look from our back –

A picture perfect shot

We print this photo in the form of cards and send this to our family in India. And later when we told them that we visited this place and took this photo they didn’t believe it for few days.

Next morning we went to a National park near lake.  We walk down on a trail to see the upper view of  the lake.

Upper View of the Lake

We could even see where we were on yesterday evening –

Can you spot the place ?

We walked more into the park towards the mountains –

Walking trail towards the Mountains

Walking few more meters leads to this view –

View of Lake from the mountain

See how local people spend time in Lake Tahoe –

True way of enjoying mother nature

We booked a helicopter ride to see the panoramic view of Lake but unfortunately ride was canceled due to windy condition up in the air. Helicopter ride was supposed to end our trip. Feeling little disappointed we eat an early lunch and drive back to our home.

San Francisco - Oakland bridge on our way back to home

It’s a good way to spend some time with our happy memories, it decreases your surrounding negativity and gives a reason to smile. With smile on my face I therefore end this post.


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