Its a Big World Baby

Yes its a big world baby and you’re little.

It is almost end of 3 months in India and Reva has grown so much since.  Everyday is a new day for Reva. When she came here she only knows how to roll back on her tummy and was learning how to roll back again on her back. She only sleeps in one or two positions. She was learning how to grab things and placed it in mouth. She was learning how to sit.  She was learning how to play taaa (peek-a-boo).  Only expressions she knows was Smiling.  She enjoyed massage very much, I sometimes did massage 3-4 times in a day and for more than 15 mins and she enjoyed every bit of it.  She was a clean eater, just a drop of cereals/purée here and there.  She was supportive during changing diaper.  She loved her toys, Mickey was a her favorite and then Ms. Betty and Tutu.  In night she usually slept for a good long 3-4 hours stretch and makes everybody happy 🙂

Gone those days and a quick update on little princess –

  • She is a serious crawler now, nobody can come on her way. She likes to crawl for slippers, chairs, papers on floor, cupboards, any kind of cables peeking on the floor, anything which is not hygienic, non-edible.
  • Bed is her kingdom.  After 10 o’clock in the night some serious things starts in the kingdom. Nanny at one end and Mommy on the other, and in the middle baby is crawling, jumping, giggling, babbling and making all sort of noises with highly packed actions. Bed is where she learns every move, like she is now trying to stand on her feet with the help of bed’s header and wants to put her in mouth. She crawls towards the pillow and stand up on it placing both hands on the pillows for the support and do the butt dancing which is really very cute.
  • She sleeps on whole bed with restricted space for nanny and mommy. I sometimes found her near my legs, or if I am sleeping side wise she moved in some weird way placing her head near to my back. She loves to sleep on her tummy, and if she sleep on her back she keeps her hand on her forehead like an adult 🙂
  • She has mastered the art of grabbing things and placing them in mouth. Now she graduated from toys, teethers, rings to remote, i-pod, combs, books, newspapers, cables, mobile, laptop. She is a proud daughter of Electronics and Computer Engineer.
  • She is now moved to another level of learning expressions and babbling. When she is happy she claps her hand and scream with utter happiness. If she is irritated she gnash her teeth gum ( we are still fighting the teething period). She babble if something looks interested to her like one day she was babbling  to Gods when nanny took her in pooja ghar, she was babbling to junk when I took her on rooftop. She loves to see flying birds in the evening. I usually say “tata chiya, tata” when there is flying bird/bird flock in the sky and she goes OOOOh and claps her hand 🙂 She don’t like Nanna mustaches and she grab his nose, mouth, cheeks if they touch her face while Nanna’s kiss.  Her favorite person in the house is great nanny (she loves to see her without dentures :P).
  • She now understands me as some kind of important person – it means Mommy, YIPEEE!!.  She search for me if I am not around. She wants to be in my arms if she is not feeling good. She now sleeps only in my arms. She understands when I am not feeling good or feeling irritated. It feels so awesome but sometimes when I want to have a break than it’s not so much bliss. Now I am dependent on her naps for my breaks.
  • She don’t like the massage at all and she wrestle during diaper change session [Sigh]. I always ask myself this question during wresting match with Reva – Why on earth she hates it so much when she never likes a bit to be in wet/dirty diapers. [Big Sigh]
  • I am so sorry Mickey for keeping you packed in suitcase. You see there were so many sessions in past where Reva left Mickey all wet by eating its nose, hat, robe, tail and there was no option for me to wash him so I had to pack him and saved him for anymore disaster. Betty and Tutu are lucky for having labels on their back.  They only get attention because of their labels. I made crochet toys for her and they are of no use because they don’t have labels [sigh].
  • I am more sleep deprived than ever. We sleep around 12 AM. My waking session goes like this – 2 AM, 4AM, 6AM and we finally wake up at 8AM.  Reva’s sleep and my sleep  and inversely proportional so I hardly get any afternoon naps.
  • What to say about how she eats now. I have to make silly faces, noises to make her sit in one place and feed. During feeding every object around us is also fed – her dress, mommy’s dress, toys, mat..

She is our little bundle of joy. Poor Nana and Nanny is going to miss her a lot when she will be away. On 27th she will turn 10 months old – 2 more months to go !!!!

Title and Song from Renée & Jeremy Lullaby.


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