Hooked with Hook and Needles – II

In last post I introduced you Sarah London from Australia and Lucy’s Attic from UK.  In this post I will show you the work of other two very creative women.

Alicia Paulson is from USA. A tragic accident changed her life, to keep her busy she picked hook and needles. And now she is one of the successful designer and writer. Her blog is so heartwarming, it gives an insight of her intricate work, a peek in her personal life through her photographs.

Alicia's Crochet Design

Alicia's Patchwork

Alicia's Bag design

Do visit her website AliciaPaulson.com to see more about her and her beautiful work.

I love Michelle for her beautiful photography.  Being in her blog is so eye-soothing. She inspires you to pick the camera and start clicking.  Besides photography she is a knitter, crocheter, sewer. And everything she does is ultra amazing. Just a peek from her blog –

Michelle's Photograph

Michelle's Crochet work

Michelle's Knitting work

Go to her Flickr ID and get a peek into her world and get a glimpse of her beautiful creative work, family, beautiful children, home and lost in the bliss.

I hope you have enjoyed a little journey of hook and needles abroad. Now its time for me to unravel my little treasures. I am quite a beginner but want to take it to every level possible.  Will see you in next post.

Thanks for reading.

Have a great day !


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