Hooked with Hook and Needles – I

In year 2007 we went to California. For us it was a new country, new city, new place with no family and friends.  When V was off to work I was all alone in my apartment – no one talk to, not much to see in TV. I read books but when it comes to spend everyday time, I need something more.  I need hand-action, I love to create something with my own hand which satisfies me eternally.  I did some knitting when I was in school, I did quilting in every semester break of my engineering. What should I do here as I have limited resources. Knitting needs – 2 needles, and to my knowledge its output is only sweaters, scarf.. things only to wear. Quilting need heck of supplies. I was roaming around in of the art supplies store (Man! what a art supplies store are there in USA) I stumble upon yarn section. So gorgeous, so pretty in colors, and not in one variety, but so many and so mouth-watering. I thought, I had to do something from them – they are calling me. On the yarn shelves, there were small free projects books. I picked one of them and to my wonder all projects were made in crochet. Did I know crochet ?? My Aunt (who planted the seed of craft in me) taught me crochet when I was very little. I remembered it though. So I pick one of the sample project book, set of crochet hooks, and “the beautiful yarn” and the journey begins…..

During my crochet journey I came to know the real world of Crochet and Knitting. The world I know was very restricted in India. I visited many sites and blogs and found a very colorful and beautiful world of Crochet and Knitting. There is one site called Ravelry which is a Crochet and Knitting community. Just sign up and you are connected with world sharing their patterns and photos. They are Blogs dedicated to this beautiful art.  One of my favorite is Sarah London from Australia. She is an amazing designer, crocheter, quilter, sewer….. The extraordinary thing about her that she know color very well. I mean the way she blend the colors, play with colors is wonderful.  Through her I got a chance to see the world of Granny Squares. Marvelous!!

Granny Square

She showed the world how to accessorize your home with granny squares –

Granny Square Pillow

Granny Squares on lamp

Granny Square Blanket

See her on Flickr. Thanks Sarah for inspiring me.

Now comes Lucy from Attic24. She is the lady I can relate to. A stay home mom of three (I only have one) and making her home with her creativeness. If Sarah inspires my crocheter inside me than Lucy shows how simple it could be.  Her blog covers all what a woman wants in her home. Her beautiful pictures makes her blog eye-catching and leaves you reading all day long.

Ripple Effect



Check her on Flickr. Wish I could bake buns like her 🙂

There are few more and me (I am just a beginner, but I would love to show my work to you). I will continue on next post.

Thanks for coming by.


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