A disappointing Customer Service of the fastest growing Electronics Shop

I am talking about Central India’s fastest growing electronics shop Lotus Electronics. Indeed they have make electronics shopping easier but what’s the point of shopping when one get a poor customer service. I just want to clear one thing by this post to all big and low sellers- today’s customers not only looks for lower prices but also a quality customer service. Whats the point of running a showroom when you don’t test the product before selling it to the customer, you don’t hand the warranty card, manuals along with the bills and claim that is in the box and box you never tested before. You don’t have refund policy, you run service and repair center on the basis of warranty card and card was never delivered to the customer.

We bought two products from the showroom. Automatic washing machine and Vacuum cleaner. And with both the products we did not get any documents. Last year we bought the washing machine. They told that every documents is in the box and we found nothing. My sister had to call the showroom daily for 15 days to get the documents. Now for vacuum cleaner’s documents when I called them and told that we did not recieved any manual and warranty card with the products, you would not believed what did he said “Madam it is you fault that you did not collect them.  Now I have to check whether we have them or not. Visit the showroom once with the bill and we will note it.” I asked how many days will it take to come he said “3-4 days or so”. Which means 15 days again.  Why visit the showroom when you can note it over the phone ??

It means customer only get what they pay for and it is customer’s responsibility to collect all the things which is associated with the products. As they are favoring us with the low prices and they are done with it.


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