BOOM and the baby fell down :((

Yesterday night was one dreadful night. My cutie-pie fell down from the bed[tears] when I went for a quick milk bottle grab [silly mommy]. Even though I placed pillows on the side of the bed and put the little one to the other end of the bed near to the wall but in few seconds I hear big BOOM!!!

For few seconds my heart sunk (you know it was her first fall) and I ran towards the room and pick her up in my arms. She was crying her heart out (her first fall as well) which made me cry. I soothe her with kisses and by the grace of God no major or minor injuries, just a little red on her cheek which came this morning.

The heart felt moment was when she stop crying and I was crying my heart out. She moved her hand to my face and started babbling something as if she was soothing me. Oh my baby –  I love you endlessly :*

I know she has now step up in crawler’s world and there would be more boom boom and bang bang every other day but I pray to God that the day never come again.


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