Another BOOM !!!!

It happened 15 minutes ago. This time someone crawled two pillows in sleep and fell down [tears, tears and more tears] from the bed when her mother was busy getting lunch and a quick email check hoping to get it done before baby wakes up [silliest mommy in the whole world]. I was frequently checking her but to my wonder she has now started silent wake up instead of a loud cry or found playing with her blanket. This time she got her first bump in her left forehead.  Poor baby fall asleep during crying.

Oh I so miss the baby crib !! Why don’t Indian market sell Baby cribs, is it very hard to make or it has some hi-tech technology to make.

Excuse me God, are you listening ??


4 thoughts on “Another BOOM !!!!

  1. Kriti

    u should actually start giving suggestions to local markets yaar 🙂
    Indian markets need to grade up ..And God bless Reva for giving u more insights like this 🙂

  2. Richa Post author

    Thanks Kriti for stopping by. I can surely give suggestions to Indian market but now I am thinking what would tell people if they say “are aap apne bachche ke alag sulate hain ??”

  3. Toshi

    Take care of her… but don’t fret n blame urself so much.
    Children learn by falling.. about height balance etc etc

    and they are god’s dearest creations so nothing would happen to them 🙂

    but that doesn’t mean u shudn’t get a crib… u want me to look fr it here n send it over? or bring it?


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