Buy it. Sell it. Loving it.

Its Sunday afternoon and we both are relaxing in our Living Room.Vishal is doing some pending office work and I am with my new crush, Blog :-). A new site has been added in our favorites and we can easily be found browsing it, Craigslist. Those who don’t know what the Craigslist is then there is the introduction, Craigslist is a central network of online communities, featuring free classified advertisements (with jobs, internships, housing, personals, for sale/barter/wanted, services, community, gigs, resume, and pets categories).

Yesterday we did some great deals through Craigslist. They are:
Sold –
Platform Wood Bed, $90

Bought –
* Wrought Iron Bed, $90
* Sony Wega TV & Sony Stand, $110
* Fabric Sofa & Love Seat, $150
* Artificial Tree, $25
* 4 Van Gogh paintings, $20

We haven’t finished yet praising ourselves.

Furnishing is expensive in States, and for quite some time we want to arrange our Living Room. I used to browse Craigslist just because I wanna know the taste of American people, trend and style but never thought of jumping in it too. Initially I was reluctant in buying stuffs from Craigslist. When we sold our new bed through Craigslist, it felt ok. Buying was still bothering me and how we are gonna deal with strange people plus I don’t want to compromise on the furniture’s quality. Browsing Craigslist is an art which requires lots of patience. You just have to wait for your chance. Then at last we found some great stuffs and in affordable pricing, all in best shape. Else we would have paid enough for making our savings in negative.

Through Craigslist we dealt with many people. It was an amazing experience of meeting different people from different countries. Everyone has their own story why they are selling the stuff, their lifestyle, their skill of communication and the most important thing, skill of bargaining. :-)). We met a very nice lady who has been in US for almost 18 yrs, now she is done with living in US and going back to her homeland, Taiwan. We bought our TV from an Indian couple who lived in nearby apartment and through Craigslist we got to know each other. Amazing thing we didn’t know that the guy and Vishal are working in same company.
Isn’t a perfect example of human networking.

We still need a coffee table and since morning no luck on craigslist. People Come on! Come on!


One thought on “Buy it. Sell it. Loving it.

  1. weshallsing

    . Furnshing the house – $395. Satisfaction of doing it at a fraction of real world cost – priceless.There are somethings money can’t buy. For everything else theres craigslist. 🙂


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