Did you Excercise today??

You must be thinking, “Oh-No not again..one more lecture on exercise !!”

I am also wondering there are so many other topics to pick but why on earth I choose this first ??
Last week my father got a minor stroke. He’s only 52. By the grace of God everything is fine now. Nobody knew that he’ll be affected by a heart disease though he is a patient of high blood pressure. Then why??We kept blaming to bad work pressure and all that. This incident shook me from head to toe.

I wanna ask you…
Are you overweight??
Do you exercise ??
How many minutes/hours you spent in exercising??
If this is too much then do you go for a brisk walk daily?? Do you follow any sports?? Any physical exercise in a day??

If you answer ‘Yes’ then you are following a healthy lifestyle and above all you care and respect your mind, body and soul. But what about those who answer ‘No’ ??
Then my dear friends you have to think. Just give it a thought, “In a day of 24 hours you are not able to take 1 hour for yourself, for your own body !!!”.

Why we are not conscious about our own health? Is this related to our society? Why only 40+ people are following Yoga, Pranayam and other exercises? What about Youth?? Why are we not taught to make exercise as a part of our lifestyle in childhood. Why we wait for some disaster to happen and then care about it. Don’t we know Prevention is better than Cure. We can spent hours of hours time sitting in front of computers but could not spent 2 minutes to do eye exercise.

People you have to decide whether you wanna a healthy lifestyle or not?? Think about it.

Buddha said, “Every human being is the author of his own health or disease”.


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