My 2 Cents…. and more

For quite some time I was trying to pen down my thoughts but not able to. So much to write and so confused to pick up a thought. I always appreciated this new tool to express thoughts, The Blog.
Inspired by sweetheart husband and closed friends I finally decided to create my blog. I opened the home page and filled up the first form, next came the most important part, Blog Name. Name, Name, Name….what should I write, my name, naaa! so old fashioned. Thought of numerous names, still result was not clicking. I want to give my first blog a special touch. Spent hours to think and search about the name. I want a name that express my impression. How I take any subject. Basically, I can put myself in over analyzing category. I think too much. But how should I relate this to the name.
Me and my husband are big fan of ‘The Simpson”. In the show there is the character called ‘Kent Brockman’ who is News Reader in the show. And end of the show he gives his “The Two Cents” on any current topic. I always loved the phrase, but 2 cents are not enough for me. So this title come into existence, My Two Cents..and more.

So Here I am………


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